About Winnie

Hi! It’s Winnie. My journey to excellent credit was a bumpy road but I’m so glad I made it! You can get the credit you deserve, too. I had bad credit a lot of my adult life. I can’t even tell you my lowest score because I ran from checking my credit score like it was the boogie man! LOL! 


When I needed to purchase a car or a home, I wasn’t confident at all. I had no idea what the lender would see. I definitely didn’t know if I would get what I wanted. It was a “devaluing” experience. My credit score was up and down and I had no idea what was causing the rollercoaster. In 2007, I paid a company $700 to fix my credit. My credit score went from the low 500s to a 712. I was ecstatic! Less than a year later, my score was back in the 500s. I was devastated…


My background is pharmaceutical sales so I made good money. Yet and still, my credit was all over the place. I just didn’t understand it. That was my AHA moment. I needed to understand to win. I spent years off and on studying the credit game while living my day to day life. Over many years, I became very well versed in how the credit game works and how to strategize to win. I was finally able to reframe how I thought about my credit and how to make sure I stayed a step ahead of it. I devoted what time I had to it but it took years to truly master it.


The people around me saw my success so I began giving advice to others about their credit. The more I talked to people and saw the impact of bad credit, the more I began to get pissed about it. Why hadn’t we learned this information sooner? The credit game would have been more beneficial than algebra! I made it my mission to teach people the credit game so they approach it from a strategic standpoint. 


Credit is a result. The mindset and behaviors around money and life is what shapes your credit. That is the first key to mastering the credit game. All You Need Credit is not a credit repair company. Instead, we empower people to understand, build and heal their credit. That’s how we are different. If you pay a company to repair your credit but you have the same mindset/behaviors, you will not know how to strategize moving forward. I don’t want that to happen to you. When you study the information and understand how credit works, you are empowered to maintain good credit for a lifetime


Lastly, I made learning the secrets of the credit game and how to win affordable. I am advised often by business analysts and colleagues that my pricing is too low. I disagree. I believe that pricing should be affordable for 2 reasons: 1) I want more people to gain access to the information (Remember: I get a little bit pissed every time I think about how different society would be if this knowledge was spread early and often) and 2) Often times, the people that need credit education the most are already financially strapped. If you have a poor to fair credit score, you are already paying high interest rates or not getting what you want in life! I want to make it as easy as possible for anyone who is willing to open their minds to new information to win.


So if you’re ready to take control of your life, let’s get started. I look forward to you joining the AYNC family! 

~ Winnie

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