So you need to get your credit score up but HOW?

With the importance of good credit, it is vital that you know how to fix your own credit. Credit repair is the main proven method of fixing credit. But what is credit repair and how does it REALLY work?

Credit repair is the process of disputing and deleting negative items from your credit report. How it works varies based on who is handling your credit disputing.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act protects YOU.

The FCRA requires all items on your credit report meet 3 VERY specific criteria:

All items on your credit must be 100% Accurate. All items on your credit must be 100% Verifiable. All items on your credit must be 100% Timely.

When items do not meet this criteria, BY LAW they must be deleted or corrected.

The FCRA is the heart of most credit repair. Credit disputes are processed based on what this law requires creditors to validate. When they can’t validate, most items are then deleted and credit scores increase.


Should you pay a credit repair agency? We don’t advise it AT FIRST. Here’s why:

  • Most credit repair agencies dispute only 3 items at a time including Lexington Law,
  • Many credit repair companies only dispute every 60 days,
  • Real results take place 6 months to 2 years later,
  • Very few credit repair companies offer advanced disputing for your specific needs,
  • Credit repair agencies charge a monthly fee that could end up costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars AND
  • Most importantly, You will not know how to MAINTAIN it. If you continue with the same financial habits and don’t understand how to maintain your credit, your score will go back down again over time.

Let’s talk about advanced disputing…

Direct creditor disputing provides the greatest credit improvement over all other dispute types. There are over 200 other consumer laws which can be used for direct creditor disputes. These laws include the Fair Billing Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, HIPPA, RESPA , and more.Direct creditor disputing is about using these other laws to find other creditor violations, and then use those violations as leverage to have the negative item deleted from the credit report. VERY few credit repair companies offer this level of service. This dispute level produces the best results.Your credit will NOT repair itself because your creditors and the bureaus will NEVER let that happen.

You can see initial credit improvement in only 45 days and subtantial improvement in 8 months or less.


To fix credit effectively you should have a good strategy to dispute and delete your negative items while replacing the negative with positive accounts.

Whether you dispute on your own or use a reputable company, make sure you get started today on fixing your credit.


The key is to take ACTION to gain the knowledge to empower yourself…

You can do it…





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