Empower Me Plan

$ 69.99 Monthly
  • ScoreTracker: Track and protect all of your different scores (Credit, Auto, Insurance and Hiring Risk)
  • Scorebuilder: Build better credit with a customized 120-day plan, Action buttons and videos to guide you through the process
  • ScoreMaster – Use the slider to see what your credit score will be in the future so you quickly become the master of your credit score.
  • Action Buttons – This unique Feature allows you to communicate directly with your creditors, bank, credit cards for anything you need. The 3 credit bureaus are updated automatically.
  • Money Manager – Link all of your online accounts securely including bank accounts, credit cards, utilities and loans. You will get the daily balance and payment alerts how you choose. It’s all integrated.
  • *$1MM Whole Family Fraud Insurance to cover everything financial – your bank accounts, savings, credit cards, everything.
  • Gain FREE access to ALL current and future Courses in AYNC Academy
  • Strategy Sessions are available at no additional cost when you have a question

Personalized Strategy Session

You want to work on your credit but you need a bit of guidance. It doesn’t matter what is on your credit profile. We can strategize with you to get you moving forward. Schedule one 30 minute strategy session with an Experienced Credit Strategist. If you don’t feel empowered with a tangible plan after your session, we give you your money back!
$ 50 One Time Payment
  • 30 minute session
  • Customized Plan - Your experienced credit strategist will evaluate your credit profile and give you a step-by-step plan to get to a 750+ credit score
  • Follow Up – You will receive all of the tools and resources discussed during your 30 minute strategy session to move forward
  • Schedule a follow up call with your credit strategist if necessary - $25 per 30 minute session
  • Choose the Empower Me Plan for UNLIMITED sessions and long term credit monitoring services
  • “I wholeheartedly recommend Winnie's credit repair tool and services! She has helped me increase my credit score by over 130 points since December 2019. Plus, she has been very knowledgeable in answering my questions about credit repair. And, she has graciously assisted my mother in answering with her questions, too. Winnie's credit repair services are excellent!”
    - Linda N.
  • “You’ve explained this better than anyone I have ever heard before. Thank you.” - Mellonie S.
  • “Thank you very much! I hadn’t thought of that. I really appreciate you.” - C.M.
  • “Very clear and well explained! Definitely going to follow your advice...”- Franklin A.

When you give a person a fish, they eat for a day. When you teach a person how to fish, they eat for a lifetime. If you pay a company hundreds or even thousands of dollars to repair your credit, it is equivalent to someone giving you a fish for the day. Afterward, when you continue with the same financial behaviors, your credit will go back to what it was before you gave them your hard earned cash. It is imperative to learn how to manage your credit for yourself. Learn how to fish.


Most people don’t know where to start. For example, the first time I learned how to pull and read my own credit report, I was in my 40s. The process seemed daunting and overwhelming. Think about the first time you ever tried to tackle a task you’ve never done before. Consider learning to read in the first grade. It seemed like a gargantuan task yet now you are reading this text without consciously thinking about it. If you conquer your credit report in the same way, you will save hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime. You will also know how to MAINTAIN your own credit for a lifetime.

Derogatory marks on your credit drag your score down significantly.

Derogatory Item Potential Decrease in Your Credit Score
Late Payment Up to 110 points
Debt Settlement Up to 125 points
Foreclosure Up to 160 points
Bankruptcy Up to 240 points
Collection Up to 110 points
Hard Inquiry Up to 15 points
Curl: 1